Carbon Black

Carbon black is a unique amorphous carbon solid that is manufactured by the deposition of solid carbon particulates formed in the gas phase. In general, it is manufactured by combustion or thermal cracking of a hydrocarbon fuel under reducing conditions. Carbon black has the finest primary particle size of all the common industrial carbons. Most formed carbon blacks are made up of particles whose sizes are reported in nanometers (one billionth of a meter!). The properties of the various types of carbon black are a function of the fuel source used to manufacture the black and the type of combustion process applied. Carbon black is graded by its ability to color (known as tint) surface area, primary particle size, structure (the number of primary particles that fuse to form each secondary particle), and conductivity in the case of electrically conductive blacks.

Asbury provides high quality Furnace Black, Thermal Black, Conductive, and Lamp black grades in bead, ground and powder form. These materials are suitable for many applications such as thermal materials, conductive plastics, rubber, flow enhancement, static dissipation in non-conductive particles, polymer reinforcement, common fillers, and pigments. Using Carbon Black, as an additive to coatings, dispersions and other compounds, provides UV protection by absorbing light. Carbon black can also be used as a pigment to make colors richer. Carbon black with good dispersion properties will help increase viscosity and gloss of a non pigmented coating. Asbury has carbon blacks from 16 to 280 nanometers to fit all your pigmenting needs.

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