Carbon, in many of its forms, has been a medium used in man’s artistic expression since prehistoric times. From the first crude scratches of charcoal on a cave wall, to the pencil sketches of DaVinci, to modern day two dimensional renderings or 3D carvings in graphite, the forms of carbon are classic in their ability to express the artist’s creative vision. Asbury understands the nuances of this material, its reflective and light buffering properties, ability to permeate and remain stable on substrates, and its compatibility with binders, waxes, and dispersal media.

More recently graphite has been used as a casting material, in granular or powder form. When combined with the correct bonding material graphite can be easily cast into detailed molds to form net shape sculptures, or carving or sculpting blanks. In addition, monolithic graphite shapes can also serve as the media to construct graphite sculptures.


As patrons of the arts, Asbury encourages the use of carbon and graphite in artistic expression and offer complimentary consultation in this regard.

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