Drilling and Oil Field

In your drilling applications, it's vital that you minimize lost circulation in order to keep your operation running, and Asbury has the material and expert resources to deliver.

Our technical teams are ready to evaluate and optimize potential solutions or custom engineer a product to meet your exact concentration and performance requirements, putting our comprehensive labs at your service. We also offer graphite, coke, and countless blends for use in lost circulation material at any size for seepage and fracture control, as well as lubricants, making it one-stop shopping for all your industry needs.

Cathodic Protection

Offering the largest selection of coke breeze in the industry, Asbury has the high-quality materials you need for pumping, top loading and use in horizontal beds. In addition to bentonite for capping applications, our global teams are ready to provide standard CPC products, while adding value through low-cost solutions. Plus, our production facilities and warehouses are strategically placed around the world to meet your just-in-time needs, conveniently packaged in both small bags and super sacks.

For our environmentally conscious customers, Asbury proudly offers EcoGreen CP, a low metals backfill product (low in Vanadium and Nickel), as well as materials that meet FAA specifications.

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