Graphite for Powder Metal Parts/Mixes

Count on Asbury Carbons’ natural and synthetic graphites for a complete package of materials.

Graphite for Iron-Graphite Bronze Mixes

The powder metallurgy industry turns to Asbury Carbons for quality graphite powders for alloy and sintering control, plus specialty powders for iron-graphite and bronze (non-ferrous) mixes.

Graphite for Powder Forging

Asbury Carbons specially processes its graphite powders for the Powder Forge industry to help eliminate the possibility of inclusions. Graphite lubricants are also available.

Graphite for Powder Forging Product Guide 

Graphite for Hard Metals

Asbury Carbons gives the Powder Metallurgy industry more choice with quality powders for alloy and sintering control, plus specialty powders that promote good carbide growth.

Graphite Plates and Sintering Trays

The Powder Metallurgy industry can count on Asbury Carbons for graphite plates and sintering trays offering a wide variety of solid graphite raw materials, and customized shapes and sizes.A major supplier of graphite and carbon related products since 1895, Asbury Carbons provides industry with a reliable supply of graphite plates, rods, and machined parts. Our Technical Services personnel are ready to assist you in identifying your specific requirements, and recommend the right product for your application.
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