Specialty Graphite

With over 100 years of expertise in processing Carbon and Graphite materials, Asbury Carbons provides Specialty Graphite and Mechanical Carbons manufactures with a variety of products custom processed to meet the demands of the final application. Carbon and Graphite with High Surface Area, Low Surface Area, Low and Ultra Low Metals, Low Sulfur, High Volatile, Isotropic and Anti-Isotropic properties can all be manufactured to customer specifications which enhance the final properties of their products.

Our access to a variety of raw materials from across the globe and our unique state of the art processing equipment give Specialty Graphite and Mechanical Carbons manufactures a wide range of choices to solve problems and improve properties of their products. Please contact us for any of your Carbon and Graphite raw material needs.

Specialty Graphite Technical Flyer

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For further information on Specialty Graphite, please contact the Product Manager.

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