Bentonite, also known as sodium montmorillonite, is hydrous aluminum silicate clay mined in the western United States. Bentonite is a highly plastic clay and can be used to increase the plasticity of any clay, coating, etc., to which it is added. Bentonite can also be used as an effective suspension agent for many aqueous systems, especially those that will be exposed to refractory conditions. Bentonite clay is unique in that when it absorbs water is actually swells due to the increase in size of the hydrated particles. This phenomenon results in clay that can be used to create “water tight” surface structures such as ponds and canals. Bentonite can also be used to seal water-containing surface features that are leaking, including earthen dams, retention ponds, stock ponds, fish ponds, etc.

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Calcium Fluoride

Also known as fluorspar, calcium fluoride is crystalline solid with the composition CaF2. Calcium fluoride is used in many applications including but not limited to high temperature lubrication, fluxing of steel, as a binder in abrasive wheels, in glass production, and as a component in synthetic cryolite. Asbury Carbons can supply two grades of calcium fluoride with nominal sizes of either 98% passing 200-mesh or 70% passing 200-mesh.

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Gilsonite is a naturally occurring high volatile, solid hydrocarbon residue found in commercial deposits only in the Uintah Basin of northeastern Utah. This unique material is similar in appearance to coal, asphalt, or coal tar pitch. However, unlike asphalt and coal tar pitch, Gilsonite is considered non-hazardous. It can be used as an additive in ink, paint, asphalt products, foundry sand additives, and drilling mud. It also is used as a replacement for, or in addition to, coal tar pitch as a binder in refractory materials. Gilsonite is specified based on ash content and melting point. Approximately 25 grades are available, which bracket melting/softening temperatures between about 240 F to over 400 F. Ash contents vary from less than 0.5% to approximately 10%.

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Asbury provides LOW SULFUR Bituminous Coal commonly known as SEACOAL. This material is ground and screened to specifications commonly used for foundry sand addition, brake linings and other industrial applications.

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Mineral talc is a soft, lubricious, inert substance that can be used as low cost filler in a variety of products. Asbury can provide mineral talc in a variety of sizes, including micrometer-sized powders. Asbury’s talc filler is designed for industrial, non-pharmaceutical products only.

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