Molybdenum Disulfide

Molybdenum disulfide is also known as the mineral molybdenite and has the chemical formula MoS2. It has a crystal structure similar to graphite; as a result, it has similar frictional characteristics.   It also has excellent film forming properties and is an excellent lubricant in moisture free environments below 450° C. This substance has also shown enhanced friction properties in inert atmospheres and under high vacuum where other conventional lubricants fail. MoS2 is also an effective extreme pressure lubricant.


Using advanced grinding technology, Asbury Carbons has developed a cost saving alternative to molybdenum disulfide powder.  This new product combines the benefits of MoS2 with the benefits of high purity flake graphite. Instead of simply blending Moly and Graphite together, Asbury utilizes a high energy grinding method that homogenizes these two laminar substances. The result is a highly lubricious product with all the benefits of nature’s two most effective solid phase lubricants.

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