Plates, Rods, and Machined Parts

Asbury provides industry with extruded and isostatic graphite plates, rods, tubes and machined parts. The raw materials used include coarse grain electrode, medium grain mold stock, and fine grain isostatically formed graphite, all of which are of consistent quality and high purity. Materials can be selected with specific density, porosity, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties to best fit the end use application. Solid graphite products may be as simple as a plate for use as a lubricating surface, or as complicated as a part machined to very specific dimensions and tolerances. Common extruded uses include run-out tables, rings, rollers, nozzles, crucibles, mixing rods, wear plates, sleeves, pipes, disks, sintering trays, spacers, susceptors, furnace liners and lubricating blocks for all industries.  Common ISO graphite uses in casting for billets, strip, tube and wire casting for various metals including Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Iron (grey & ductile), nickel-silver, nickel-copper, precious metal alloys, silver, and gold as well as various EDM applications including applications that require a non-reactive material with good thermal stability and high oxidation resistance.

Graphite Plates, Rods and Machined Parts
Graphite Continuous Casting
Graphite High Strength Shapes
Graphite High Strength Shapes- metric

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