Asbury Fluxmaster line provides a wide range of flux products to the non-ferrous metal processing industry. Metal treatment fluxes are proprietary formulations of primarily inorganic chemicals utilized as consumable products to facilitate and improve molten metal processing.

In broad terms, there are four main categories of flux functionality: Drossing Fluxes, Furnace Cleaning Fluxes, Metal Treatment Fluxes, and Specialty Fluxes. Practically speaking, most fluxes perform in more than one specific application, a fact that sometimes tends to blur the boundaries between the broad categories.

Asbury�s goal is to provide our customers with the flux that is best suited for their specific operations. Our extensive product line includes fluxes designed for calcium removal, magnesium removal, sodium free versions, as well as fluxes designed for the main categories that are tailored to operate most effectively within any given temperature range. Asbury can help you take advantage of the multifunctional nature of the fluxes to enable them to maximize the effectiveness and net value of this often overlooked metal treatment additive.

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Alloys, Grain Refinement, Modification

Within the range of the Fluxmaster product line, Asbury offers titanium additives for both alloy addition as well as grain refinement. Asbury supplies �Master Alloys� to the industry, including Strontium and Titanium-Boron master alloys.

No single product will meet the requirements of all customers, and that is precisely the strength of the Asbury line. Our Tizox line of products offers one of the lowest cost methods of introducing titanium to a heat. Our Master Alloy line offers the end user the ability to modify and/or grain refine just prior to casting. For almost every application, Asbury has a product that is designed to achieve the objective.

Degasser Tablets

The Asbury Fluxmaster line maintains a large variety of degassing tablets. Foundrymen know that casting porosity is a common defect unless adequate control measures are used. Asbury�s line of degassing tablets includes time-tested chlorine based materials as well as the new generation of nitrogen based degassing agents.

Asbury offers a variety of sizes as well as formulations. It is also important to note that most of the Fluxmaster line of degassing agents is formulated to be multifunctional, facilitating floatation of entrained oxides, promoting furnace cleanliness, and in some cases improving the microstructure of the final casting by grain refinement and/or silicon modification.

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