Our Mission

We thrive by meeting customers’ needs, providing flexible and innovative solutions, investing in our employees, capitalizing on opportunities and creating exceptional shareholder value.


Our Vision

Our goal is to empower our customers by providing quality engineered solutions as the world’s premier processor of graphite, carbon and other materials through continuous development, diversification, expansion and improvement, for another 120 years.


Purpose Statement: Why we want to be what we want to be!

Past, Present, Future; We deliver material solutions to provide an improved, cleaner, safer environment for families worldwide.


Our Core Values

Health & Safety First – We value health, safety and well being of all people we engage with both inside and outside our organization.

People are Key - We value and support an inclusive, engaged, diverse network of people inside and outside of our organization, capable of fulfilling Asbury’s mission.

Integrity – We are objective, ethical, honest and candid.

Customer Focused – We strive to anticipate the needs of our customers.

Excellence – We aspire for world class performance and continuous improvement in all that we do.


Our Quality Policy

Through teamwork, we strive to anticipate the needs of our customers and are committed to exceed their expectations from raw materials supply to finished goods and services while working toward zero defects.


Our Environmental Policy Statement

In concert with our ongoing Purpose, Asbury Carbons is committed to follow our guiding Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) principles, providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and avoiding adverse impact and injury to the environment and the communities in which it does business as our first priority.

Asbury Carbons will continuously strive to achieve or exceed compliance with current environmental legislation in the locations where we operate today and into the future with particular emphasis on storm water control, dust/air emissions and noise regulations.

Our commitment includes engineering innovative solutions as we continually assess and work to reduce our impact on the environment. We will communicate these same expectations to our suppliers globally, establishing processes to understand their impact on the environment.  We are committed to working with our partners to minimizing our overall environmental footprint.

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