Graphite and Carbon Materials for Hot-Metal Applications

Carbon is one of the most versatile materials available for hot-metal applications. Both amorphous and graphitic forms of carbon remain stable under reducing conditions to temperatures well above 5000 F. In oxidizing atmospheres, the rate of oxidation is slow enough to allow the use of this extremely refractory material in “sacrificial” coatings that are conveniently reapplied as needed.

It is difficult to wet most carbon based coatings with metal and slag. Therefore Asbury’s carbon and graphite products are good candidates for coatings that are used at or below the liquid metal line or on troughs or other foundry equipment used to convey liquid metal. In this way, carbon-based foundry coatings and washes are used to protect expensive refractory linings, soluble metal troughs, and other costly foundry equipment from the highly erosive effect of liquid metal and corrosive slag. By spending a few pennies on a sacrificial carbon-based coating, the foundry can save many equipment and man-hour dollars.

Asbury’s graphite and carbon products are excellent “parting agents” or mold releases. Application of carbon and graphite-based coatings to all types of metal molds has been standard foundry practice for decades, and continues to be an effective way to manufacture high quality castings. Asbury has a number of mold coatings packaged as “ready to mix.” Products such as PMB (permanent mold blacking) are available as dry powder that are mixed with water on site and applied within minutes. Asbury’s 6176H is a multipurpose product that can be used as a mold coating as well as an all purpose foundry coating and trough wash. Asbury’s “Tool Saver” is used as a protective coating on slag rakes, stirrers, and other tools used to manipulate liquid metal and slag. These are just of few of the many products Asbury Carbons supplies to the foundry industry.

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