Non-Ferrous Metalworking Lubricants

Asbury Graphokote coatings and specialty products are recognized worldwide as the premier choice for non-ferrous metalworking applications. Asbury provides products for every step of aluminum metal casting, extruding, and forming. From our line of fluxes, grain refiners degassers, and foundry products to our comprehensive line of metalworking lubricants, Asbury offers the properties you need for your aluminum production applications.

Asbury lubricant products include ready-to-use lubricants, coatings, and greases for use in billet castings (Wagstaff), extrusion, run-out tables, casting ingots, continuous sheet, roll casting, permanent mold casting, and forging. Our technical services staff will also work closely with you to develop custom lubricant and coatings solutions to meet your specific needs.

Asbury fluxes provide functionality for dressing, cleaning, metal treatment, and specialty applications including sodium- and fluoride-free formulations. Along with fluxes, Asbury provides grain refiners and master alloys for metal treatment, as well as degassers to help metal modification.

Aluminum/Metals Lubricants Brochure

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