Phos Copper

Phosphorous copper is used widely in the copper industry. When used as a deoxidant, it aides in the removal of oxygen from copper baths. As an alloying agent, it increases strength, hardness, and elasticity while reducing creep and grain growth. It is also used as a wetting agent for brazing alloys.

Asbury’s phosphorous copper is available in 15% and 8% grades as shot or waffle.


Strontium modifiers are used mainly in silicon aluminum to change the microstructures in order to increase strength, toughness, ductility, and machineability. We offer strontium modifiers for both hypo-eutectic and hyper-eutectic silicon aluminum.

Strontioum modifiers are available from Asbury in waffle, Acu-Stix, and cut rod forms.


Titanium boron grain refiners for the control of structures and the cooling dispersion of aluminum castings improve the mechanical strength and soundness of the castings.

TiBor is available in pre-sized Accu-Stix, cut wire, and waffles.

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