High purity Al2O3 crucibles and furnace ware for use up to 3272oF.

Alumina crucibles and furnace ware are manufactured in different shapes and sizes ranging from a few milliliters to several liters. These fully dense, fine grain products find use in a range of high temperature applications such as metal processing/molten glass, rapid thermal cycling, gemstone purification for the jewelry industry, etc. Most applications require the ceramic to be impervious; porous forms can also be made on order.

Clay Graphite

Engineered formulations that provide consistent performance, our clay graphite crucibles offer the right solution for induction furnace applications. Typical users are manufacturers of plumbing fixtures, valves, sprinklers, and other heavy-duty products. Applications include medium-to-high frequency induction melting of copper-based alloys, brass, and bronzes.

Degassing Tubes

Degassing tubes are a simple and convenient tool specifically designed to meet the requirements of refiners and foundrymen for nitrogen degassing. Flushing molten metal with nitrogen or argon is a simple and inexpensive way to ensure that the melt is gas-free, and helps ensure against gas porosity.

Silicon Carbide

Starbide is a high quality tar-bonded silicon carbide crucible. Starbide is an established product with a proven track record through extensive worldwide sales. It is designed to provide reliable performance across the full range of non-ferrous melting and holding applications. Starbide provides consistent performance for aluminum, as well as for higher temperature alloys such as brass and bronzes. Other variants are available for specific applications.

Manufactured in a ISO 9001:2000 certified facility, Starbide provides good thermal shock resistance, good resistance to attack by chemical treatment agents, and high mechanical strength. Typical metal casting temperatures range from 1300oF – 2200oF.

Starbide crucibles, colored black, are available in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes to suit most end user requirements. Custom sizes are available by special request. Heavy wall (HW) crucibles and a wide range of pouring lips are also available.

Zirconia & Base Blocks

Zirconia (ZrO2) offers three advantages over alumina: it is more refractory, having a melting point some 932oF above alumina; it is readily machined and gives a high quality surface finish; and it is a useful oxygen anion conductor for use in sensors and fuel cells. However, it is considerably more expensive than alumina.


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