Carbon Fibers

Carbon fibers are the state of the art when it comes to high strength, high modulus materials. They are manufactured by spinning a suitable polymer precursor and thermally treating the resultant fiber to optimize its mechanical and chemical properties. Precursors are chosen to be materials that metamorphose into graphite-like structures. Spinning is designed to orient the graphite-like molecular structure of the fiber parallel with the fiber axis. This results in the orientation of strong covalent molecular bonds along the axis of the fiber where stress is applied.

In general, the degree of heat treatment applied to a given fiber affects its mechanical properties by promoting the development of the fiber’s inherent graphite-like structure, which has significant mechanical strength.

Asbury Graphite has PAN (polyacrylanitrile), Oxidized PAN and Petroleum Pitch based fibers available in chopped and milled form. Various types of sizing are also available to provide the right fiber surface configuration for your application.

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Aramid Fibers

Aramid fibers are strong, heat resistant fibers where the molecules are highly oriented along the fiber axis, thus increasing the fiber’s strength.  With no real melting point, good resistance to abrasion and good resistance to organic chemicals, these fibers are often used as a replacement for asbestos or are used in applications that require high thermal or electrical insulation.

Asbury’s reclaimed aramid pulp possesses all the desired characteristics of virgin material at a far more competitive price.

TF Aramid Pulp

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