Amorphous carbons such as coal, petroleum coke, pitch coke, active carbon and carbon black have unique physical and chemical properties. These properties enable us to process amorphous carbons into a myriad of industrial products including chemical-reducing agents, carbide-forming reagents, metallurgical products, cathodic protection materials and absorbing carbons, just to name a few.

Carbon in the form of crystalline graphite possesses a combination of properties including lubricity, refractoriness, chemical inertness, as well as thermal and electrical conductivity. These properties make graphite the material of choice for thousands of end-use applications, including friction materials, crucibles, refractories, cements, lubricants, chemical tank linings, powder metal parts, polymer compounds, drilling fluids, electric motor brushes, batteries and artificial diamonds, fuel cells, fire retardants, gaskets and seals as well as cathodic protection, among many others.

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